How to import Miro Content to the Idea Machine Engine

This tutorial shows you how to import content from Miro ( to the Idea Machine Engine.

Background: Miro is a popular online whiteboard. However processing the data can be quite demanding. This tutorial shows you, how you can easily work with Miro generated content in your Idea Machine Engine


1 Setup your Miro Project

Create a frame for every question

2 Create a new project, add an idea machine and add the questions you have in MIRO

Go to the online workshop tab - and then on the left select → prepare the questions. Make sure you have the same questions.

3 Prepare an import spreadsheet

  1. Get The Question ID from the Amassing Questions (5 digit number next to the delete button)
  2. Place the question ID in Column 1 of the Amassing_Import Sheet
  3. Place the answer in Column 2 of the Amassing_Import Sheet
  4. Download the files a CSV
  5. Upload to the Idea Machine Engine

Important: no blank lines, no changing of column headers please!

4 Export after completing a frame in MIRO

Export the content to a CSV file.


5 Identify the question ID

After entering a question the question get's an ID number. You need this unique number to import your answers

6 Copy the content from the exported CSV file to the import file

Simply copy paste all the answers from your MIRO file to the import file (sheet amassing_import). Add the unique ID of the question to the column A, add the content to column B. Edit content if you like.

In the image you see, how this should look

7 Download the CSV File to your device and upload to your engine