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The ActionMaker 7 is a tool for BrainStore Partners to setup your BrainStore Event.
Though easy to us it offers almost unlimited customizing options for your event - and will provide you with a complete Actionset for your next Online Event.
The Action Maker provides a simple interface in a spreadsheet style overview to communicate with the backend

  • Push data to
  • Get data from

The Action Maker will guide you through all required steps to prepare and manage your lobby events. In addition you will finde numerous tools which allow you to focus on content and customers.

The steps of the ActionMaker (Activate the Sidebar from Spreadsheet Menu to Access to Access all available Menu-Items)

Get Started

Configure the basic settings of your event.
Select language and timezone: currently the ActionMaker works in English, German, French and Italian

Design your plan

Two levels of design. Basic for simple projects - advanced for design to taste.


Step by step guide to setup guestlists, engines, lobbies and your site.
You can also build an IdeaBox and a Demo!

Get Project Data

Get your project data from the backend with all built elements.


Customize Engines: add amassing questions
Customize your agenda - change sequence - add your own agenda points
Customize your website - e.g. intro pages, organizing team pages etc.

Make Actions

Check, select and make actions for your Event
Check, select and make actions for the organizing team
Create Actions for the Sandbox in the demo

Upload your Actions to the corresponding lobbies.

Access Event Links

Quick Access to the most important links.


Send out emails to members of your guestlists.


Project Checklists
Revenue Split for Organizing Team
Generate your Network Invoice


Close all tabs
Reset the Action Maker

Bugs: please report bugs to

Tutorial Pages for the ActionMaker
Test your Actions

Don't forget to test your actions!