BrainStore Innovation Check-Up

Are you unhappy with the innovation culture in your organisation? Do you room for improvement? Is there too much talk about innovation and too little walk? Are you looking for a transparent analyses of your innovation work and a powerful action plan?

The "BrainStore Innovation Check-Up" is a customised analysis of the innovation work in your organisation. The BrainStore-Team examines how your team applies the key factors of successful innovation work. How good are the briefings? Are the right people involved in innovation projects? What processes are in place? Are the innovators motivated, what motivation factors are used? What happens with leading ideas?

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Usage and value created

You would like to know: "Is my organisation fit for the future?"

This is how BrainStore provides value with the "Innovation Check-Up"

  • Gathering of information through open interviews with key players
  • Analysis of the results
  • Action plan with recommendations


BrainStore recommends to integrate the key Innovation players and key decision makers in your organisation for the Innovation Check-Up.

Step by step

Tell us more about you and your organization and we will prepare a proposal for customized "BrainStore Innovation Check-Up".

During the "BrainStore Innovation Check-Up" we will be looking into the following factors:

  • Innovation culture
  • Quality of the briefings
    • Composition of the innovation teams
    • Motivation and incentives for innovation work in your organization
  • Innovation processes. Which ones are you using? With what success?
  • Road Maps. What happens with great ideas?

Where does the "Innovation Check-up take place"

The "Innovation Check-up" usually takes place on-premises at the customers.


During the "Innovation Check-Up," BrainStore conducts interviews with key players from within the company (from different departments) and attends innovation meetings. BrainStore also organizes short workshops during the check-up.

Lead Time

The "Innovation Check-Up" usually takes 2 to 5 days. Lead time: 1 week


image/svg+xmlPAYWHAT YOU WISH
All BrainStore offers are based on BrainStore's avant-garde "Pay-What-You-Wish-Model". After receiving the deliverables you have two days to reflect on the value and to set the price. You can set any price you wish. There is no minimum and no maximum. BrainStore will send you and invoice for the amount indicated, due within 10 days. Third party costs are covered by the customer.

Examples for the usage

The Customer

The customer provides information and feedback and provides resources for the project.

BrainStore Champ

The Champ is the interface between the team and the customer.

Organizing Team

Every project has and organizing team in charge of preparing and running the process.


The participants bring in fresh ideas and new perspectives

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