Online Workshop 1: Amassing, Discovery, Like

In the first workshop we start with the amassing phase of the process. The goal is to collect as many ideas as possible by looking at the topic from many different viewpoints. After completion of the amassing phase we get an intro into the discovery phase and discover great ideas. After a break, we move on to the like phase.


  • Check-In to the BrainStore Lobby
  • Background information for the participants
  • Amassing phase
  • Break
  • Discovery phase
  • Break
  • Like phase
  • Wrap-Up and Outlook

Creative Workshop Introduction

Goal: the participants get a good idea of the project background and the briefing - and an introduction to the tools and participants.

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Goal: look at the topic from as many interesting angles as possible and get a large number of raw ideas and inspirations.

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Goal: extract great ideas from the results of the amassing phase. Inspiring presentation formats of the amassing content trigger the participant's creativity.

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Goal: identify the ideas with the highest resonance from the content of the discovery phase.

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