Features of the Online Version

Provide item information

  • Minimal scope
  • Comments
  • Priority
  • URL to source information
  • URL to results
  • An image

Select Facilitator

Any member of your team can take the facilitation role.

Work as a team on items

You can pull an item alone or invite others to work with you.

Prepare Meeting Agenda

Use the Cycle Board to Prepare your meeting. Follow proven standard steps for your session.

  • Check-In
  • Comment on the done → move to archive
  • Discuss the doing: all OK? Support?
  • Look at the pipeline: what should move to the open?
  • Discuss the open and pulling
  • Outlook

Subscribe to updates

Subscribe to updates if there is movement on your board. Instantly, daily digest, weekly, monthly

Hide Items for later

Hide items for later. Prevents congestion of the board.

Import items for standard processes

Import items to your board, e.g., for standard processes

Create Work Reports

Create work reports from your cycles.

Archive your board

Move all current items to a new board and archive the old one.

Move items to any other board

Move items from one board to another.