Idea Machine

BrainStore's idea engine is a robust, scalable, replicable tool for generating fresh ideas at the touch of a button.

How does the Idea Machine work?

The BrainStore Idea Machine is a scalable, replicable, robust process for generating fresh ideas at the touch of a button.

To start the Idea Machine process, you need.

  • A good briefing

  • A well-constituted, motivated community of participants, as well as an organizing team to prepare and execute the process

  • Web access for all participants for online workshops A location (ideally with enough space and light to keep the ideas flowing).

1) Preparation phase

In the preparation phase, the organizing team makes sure you have a good brief, a good location, a good set of questions, and a nice set of creative tools.

2) Amassing phase → It's all about the crowd.

The procurement phase is all about quantity. Participants look at the project topic from different angles using stimulating creative tools. The more input we gather, the better! This part of the process is about getting a large number of inspirations, ideas, observations.

3) The discovery phase → This is about quality.

The discovery phase starts with the IdeaCity. Participants identify good ideas from all the inspirations in the Amassing phase. This is done by.

  • Discovering interesting ideas.
  • Forming new combinations
  • Modifying existing ideas

4) Like, Analyze, Refine!

We then identify the ideas that participants like best. This results in a shortlist of the leading ideas

These are now subjected to a criteria-based review and refined in the team

We can now identify the top ideas and visualize them to create comparability

5) Establish comparability

Leading ideas are now put into comparable formats: visualizations and context are provided.

6) The selection phase

In the idea selection phase, we present the leading ideas to a panel of judges and measure acceptance and polarization of each idea.

Download the poster.